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At Gwathmey Residential Group, we are passionate about building custom homes and transforming landscapes to create unique structures that blend seamlessly with the beautiful surroundings that define Wilmington.

Choosing Gwathmey Residential means choosing a team that adheres to the plan and pays attention to the details. We handle every aspect of the construction with a group of experts who utilize time-tested processes and procedures. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to handle all aspects of the planning and construction, leaving our clients free to focus on the more important things. By creating a customized and organized plan for each project we complete, we ensure all major milestones are met while leaving flexibility for any potential unexpected issues. Every project we build is uniquely different but our process and project delivery remain the same.

Interior custom designed and constructed stairway inside a coastal luxury home constructed by Gwathmey Residential Group
Exterior of a luxury coastal home constructed by Gwathmey Residential Group

The Gwathmey Residential team manages it all.

You’ll have a meticulous team, including the area’s best contractors, to help you bring your vision to life. We will transform your ideas into a unique space designed specifically for you.

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Meet Our Team

Our mission is to be the standard of excellence in the luxury residential construction market.

We strive each day to achieve this goal by dedicating our time and our talents to God, our employees, our clients, and our subcontractor and vendor partners. We will, at all times, act with integrity, transparency, compassion, and understanding. Our internal and external culture is one and the same—built on the principle of excellence!

At Gwathmey Residential, we are dedicated to building homes that are a blend of architectural design, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We continuously challenge ourselves to build the highest quality home, with the right features and materials, while meeting the homeowner’s budget. 

Our amazing team and commitment to customer service ensure that each family will be highly satisfied and excited about their new home!

William Gwathmey


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As the founder of the company, William’s main role is to push forward the vision for which the company was founded. William prides himself in learning and understanding the science behind construction and approaches every aspect of construction with, “What could go wrong with this 20 years from now and how do we prevent that?”. William works tirelessly to maintain an organized approach to construction by implementing and refining procedures and systems previously not utilized in the luxury residential market that ensure that while every project is uniquely different, our delivery of each project is the same. His dedication to quality, project cost control, and tireless client service helps makes the difference between GRG and all other builders. When not working, William enjoys spending time with his wife Sarah Holt and raising their three young children. If there is anytime left over, you can find William in the workshop, on the water, or in the woods.

Chris Martin

Senior Project Manager

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Chris is a construction management powerhouse. Having spent his early years running a residential framing company followed by overseeing construction operations at another local luxury residential construction company, he has the knowledge and experience to build anything. His extreme attention to detail and obsessive drive for efficient use of resources and time have earned him the reputation as the BEST luxury residential project manager in southeastern North Carolina. (just ask around) When not working, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Gina and their three children. Chris is an avid outdoorsman and “Master Swimmer” who can always be found in or around the water.

Ash Bell

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Ash is a master craftsman. If you can dream it and it’s made out of wood, he can make it. Ash’s main duties include handling all of our in-house cabinetry and millwork in the GRG shop and his light hearted and can-do attitude is adored by our clients. When not working, Ash lives with his wife, Shana and their four children. It is hard to peel him away from work, however, when he is not working, he enjoys hunting, golf, and woodworking.

Charlotte Gwathmey

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Charlotte is in charge of office security, staff stress reduction, and client and subcontractor office greeting for the company. She attacks her job with the world-renowned German efficiency and attention to detail. When Charlotte is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and fetching.

Bruce Smith

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Bruce came to GRG from a background working in the supply chain logistics of residential construction. As a native of eastern North Carolina, he grew up around construction and earned his bachelor’s degree from ECU in business management. Bruce touches every project on a daily basis orchestrating the day-to-day site operations and ensuring BSQS are well managed. (budget, schedule, quality, and safety) When not working, Bruce enjoys working with his Labrador Retriever, hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.

Sarah Holt Gwathmey

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Sarah Holt comes to GRG from a nursing background and her skills as a nurse have translated amazingly well to work in the construction industry. Sarah Holt handles all of the company’s marketing, project coordination, and office administration needs. Her professional and organized demeanor make her a constant and essential example of the company’s core values on a daily basis. When not working, Sarah Holt enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Mike Miller

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Mike is an absolute master craftsman. His painstaking attention to detail is evident in everything he does and nothing short of perfection is all he knows how to do. When you watch Mike work, you will see he spends more time preparing and planning than it actually takes to do the work. However, when he starts working, he never backs up and the efficiency of his planning and preparation becomes evident at completion of a project. It is like watching one of the greatest artists of our time at work. When not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren. Mike is also a vocalist in the legendary local singing group, “The Imitations”.

Cecile LaRusso

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Cecile has a long and distinguished career of working in all aspects of the financial management of the architectural and construction industries. Cecile handles all of our office management operations, bookkeeping, and contract management. Cecile is a native of Connecticut and moved to Wilmington to be closer to her children and grandchildren. When not working, Cecile can be found spoiling her grandchildren.

Jeremy Wilson

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Jeremy is a long-time veteran of the company and brings an acute attention to detail in everything he does. An artist for sure. One of Jeremy’s greatest attributes is that he intently listens and understands the needs of our clients and coworkers and his empathy is a trait admired by all. Upon interaction with Jeremy, you can tell instantly he really and deeply cares about your needs. Jeremy lives with his wife, Lauren and their son. When not working, Jeremy enjoys working on and improving his “truck” for the impending off road apocalypse and spending time with his family at the beach.

David Reid

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David came to GRG from a plumbing background with a passion for carpentry and has excelled in this role. David’s work ethic and drive make him an essential member of the team. Give him a task and he will figure it out with his can-do attitude. David has an eye for detail and works hard to always exceed the expectations of our clients. When not working, David enjoys spending time with his wife and children, surfing, and riding his bike.

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